EXCEL MINING offers Bitcoin and some Altcoin cloud mining services at very affordable prices. The mining of EXCEL MINING is very simple and the configuration of the hardware you rent is immediate.

The strength of this company lies in the low maintenance costs and reactive support.

Another interesting feature of During our launch phase new users receive 50 GH / s thus having the possibility to test the service without making any investment

Data Centers

Excel Mining manages and owns two data centers dedicated to Bitcoin and altcoin mining. it is possible to see one of the two locations (no real time).

Data center location

EXCEL MINING aims to make cryptocurrency mining accessible to everyone. Founded in 2020 and based in the United Kingdom, EXCEL MINING Ltd. is an independent limited liability company that provides cloud mining services through its data centers and hardware provided by various companies such as: Bitmain, Bitfury and Sapphire.

Vision and mission

The company’s mission is to bring together all the key aspects of performing an effective cryptocurrency mining operation. From creating highly efficient data centers to providing a simplified mining system for end users.

The ultimate goal is to make cryptocurrency mining an easy, smart and profitable experience for everyone.


Company Name: Excel mining
Company Number: #SC658092
Launched March-2020
Registered Office Address: Charles St, Glasgow G21 2PR, United Kingdom
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel.: +44 (772) 771-5474

Estimated payouts

The investments in the various cryptocurrencies available allow a daily gain of approximately 0.6%. Which will allow a theoretical gain of 220% during the contract year. The compound function (0%..100%) is available


Bitcoin Cloud Mining: $1.99/ 100 GH/s
Payout Coin: Bitcoin (BTC)
Length: 1 Year
Hardware: GPU Rigs & Antminer S17+
Algorithm: SHA-256
Maintenance Fee: $0.0015‬ / 100 GH/s / 24H

Ethereum Cloud Mining: $4.95/ 1 MH/s
Payout Coin: Ethereum (ETH)
Length: 1 Year
Hardware: GPU Rigs
Algorithm: EtHash
Maintenance Fee: Zero Fees

Monero Cloud Mining: $14.95/ 1 KH/s
Payout Coin: Monero (XMR)
Length: 1 Year
Hardware: GPU Rigs
Algorithm: CryptoNight
Maintenance Fee: Zero Fees

Litecoin Cloud Mining: $5.95/ 10 MH/s
Payout Coin: Litecoin (LTC)
Length: 1 Year
Hardware: Antminer L3 & L5
Algorithm: Scrypt
Maintenance Fee: $0.0025 / 10 MH/s / 24H

Dash Cloud Mining: $2.95/ 1 GH/s
Payout Coin: Dash (DASH)
Length: 1 Year
Hardware: GPU Rigs & Antminer D3
Algorithm: X11
Maintenance Fee: $0.0018 / 1 GH/s / 24H

ZCash Cloud Mining: $1.69/ 100 Sols/s
Payout Coin: ZCash (ZEC)
Length: 1 Year
Hardware: GPU Rigs & Antminer Z11
Algorithm: EquiHash
Maintenance Fee: $0.0018 / 100 Sols/s / 24H

Bonus: Limited Time Free 50 GH/s!

During the launch phase new users receive 50 GH/s towards their SHA-256 mining.

Referral Program:

Current Sign up Rewards
Bitcoin Mining – 5 GH
Ethereum Mining – 25 KH
Monero Mining – 15 H
Litecoin Mining – 150 KH
Dash Mining – 40 MH
ZCash Mining – 5 Sols

Affiliate Progression

It’s possible to earn and rank up at the same time. The more referrals, the more commission and rewards you will reap.
Tier 1: This is the starter tier. You will receive 5% commission from any referral purchase.
Tier 2: This tier is unlocked after 500 total referrals. After you will receive 10% commission.
Tier 3: This tier is unlocked after 5,000 total referrals. After you will receive 15% commission.

Features & security:

Domain: NameCheap, Inc, 2020-03-07 – 2021-03-07 (registered for 1 year)
Hosting: US Cloudflare, Inc
IP-address: (live sites on IP: 1), (live sites on IP: 37)
SSL: CloudFlare Inc ECC CA-2 CloudFlare, valid: 24 Mar 2020 – 09 Oct 2020


Unique design




Min. withdraw:
0.00014 BTC – 0.0055 ETH – 0.017 XMR – 0.023 LTC – 0.013 DASH – 0.026 ZEC

Payment options:

Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR)


Green Flags: 15/18
Red Flags: 0/3

Synthetics evaluation:

good – 4 stars


Affiliation link: EXCEL MINING
Detailed information on Digitalgain monitor
Dynamics of deposits: Investorsstartpage
Detailed statistics and technical analysis: Hyiplogs


EXCEL MINING is a project with attention to detail and offers an interesting investment, the team behind it is certainly reliable. The program has all the features to be active for a long time

Constructive criticism

The site script had some problems at the start, now everything seems to be working well.

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