CasoMoney review and user guide

CasoMoney review and user guide


CasoMoney is a long-term structured project that offers a basic daily return of 1.5%. The design of the site is pleasant and easy to use, even for beginners. Script technology is the classic and reliable of GoldCoders, the hosting of DDoS-Guard and the SSL security of CloudFlare Inc.
The Administrator has recently changed the graphic aspect, making it even more functional and professional.


It is known that the cryptocurrency market is the most risky and profitable market in trading, but in CasoMoney with the help of our experienced traders and financial analysts, we offer maximum profit with minimum risk. We achieve this because our traders have traded in various markets in recent years and are using that experience in the cryptocurrency market and our financial analysts take care of the risk by evaluating the cryptocurrency before investing to help traders make any relevant transaction profitable. .

Month after month, our company shows excellent commercial results. However, with additional financial capital and using all the accumulated opportunities and skills, the company and its shareholders can guarantee additional dividends. Therefore, we have decided to expand operations and raise additional funds through online investments. For this, we have created the CasoMoney online platform. All funds raised through this platform will be used to increase capital turnover and to receive additional profits, with a share of those profits paid to each investor according to the selected plan.


As is clear from the official website, CasoMoney company was founded on 9th august 2019, under companies act 2006 of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Company Name: CasoMoney Ltd.
Company Registration Number: #12148441
Launched On 19-April-2020
Office Address: City House, New Station Street, Leeds, LS1 4JE, UK
PHONE: +44 7469 654932


CasoMoney offers 2 kind of plans: the first is daily based and second use the classic “After” business days formula.This is the detail:

“Daily” plans:

Beginner: 1.50% (min: $10.00 max: $250.00)
Advanced: 2.00% (min: $251.00 max: $3,000.00)

“After” plans:

Competent: 560% after 125 business days (min: $500.00 max: $40,000.00)
Proficient: 2,000% after 20 business days (min: $200.00 max: $20,000.00)
Expert: 400% after 40 business days (min: $2000.00 max: $15,000.00)

Referral Program:

There are 3 level: 6% 2% 1%

Features & security:

HOSTING: Ddos-guard Corp.
IP ADDRESS: (US / Chicago) IP not used in other projects
DOMAIN: NameCheap 2020-04-16 – 2021-04-16 (reg. for 1 year).
SSL : CloudFlare Inc ECC CA-2 valid from 16 Apr, 2020 to 09 Oct, 2020


SIMILAR DESIGN: unique, custom design


24/7 SUPPORT – Contact form – Email


Instant (up to 30 hours)
Min. withdraw: 1$


You can open a deposit in dollars via Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin. Maybe soon will be added more crypto options, such as ETH and LTC. The minimum investment in CasoMoney $ 10. There are no commissions for inputs and outputs in the project.


Green Flags: 14/18
Red Flags: 0/3

Synthetics evaluation:

Good – 4 stars


Affiliation link: CasoMoney
Detailed information on Digitalgain monitor
Dynamics of deposits: Investorsstartpage
Detailed statistics and technical analysis: Hyiplogs


The CasoMoney website is easy to use, specially for the expert investors who are used to the sites based on GoldCoders script. Anyway CasoMoney adopts a rather simple and linear site style, for this reason it should be easy to use even by newbies, let’s see the main features together.

On the home page you can all you need to understand the basic project concepts: company presentation, investment plans, widgets that shows latest investments and withdrawals and so on. In the home page there ìs also the link for the Signup application:

Following the classic GoldCoders approach the form ask the basic user’s informations and security tips. Pushing the “Next” button, you can insert informations about your personal wallets. You can do this also in a second step, but to complete the application you must check your agreement for Terms and conditions.

Once you completed the Signup procedure, you’ll receive a confimation email, then you can enter the CasoMoney site loggin in:

If you want have more secutiry you can set the 2FA Security parameters as well:

Once you enter as a registered user, you can access the section dedicated to the deposits: you can see all the payment processors and cryptocurrencies accepted by the platform

Just as easily, you can withdraw interest accrued on your account every day:

With your referral link you can obtain a double benefit: firstly contribute to the success and duration of the initiative by inviting new friends and investors; secondly increase your earnings with a 6% commission. You can also use this link in blogs, forums or add it to a list of recipients via email.

To make your proposal as a sponsor more effective you can access the Banner section and choose an animated GIF from those available. They are truly professional and effective.

the historical section summarizes all the accounting events.


In general, CasoMoney presents itself as a professional project and with a fair prospect of duration. The administrator has dedicated many resources to marleting, proving that he is not the first initiative of this type of project. We recommend testing CasoMoney with reasonable amounts. Our project partners are offered a very high RCB which reaches 2,900%. Discover the further advantages the advantages in the HYIP section.
Our deposit is $ 100.

Constructive criticism

Some of the “After xx days” plans seem a little too crazy. Daily interest plans are definitely preferred, also to reduce the risk of losses.

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