Anterius review and User guide

Anterius review and User guide


Anterius offers interesting daily returns of 4% per day, for any early withdrawal the withdrawal fee is -10%. The design of Anterius is simple, easy to use even for newbies. Script technology is the classic and reliable of GoldCoders, the hosting of DDoS-Guard and the SSL security of Sectigo.

Anterius is an investment platform developed with the “Piggy Bank” model, ie with the possibility of withdrawing the deposit or part of it at any time.
We greatly appreciate this type of HYIP as they allow each investor to choose their own investment strategy. In this regard, we have written a post, which you can find here, where all the characteristics of the Piggy Banks and some investment strategies are described.


Anterius is a London-based company that manages the funds of a group of investors. The team has great traders who belong to many associations and organizations, hence the decision to implement this HYIP project. In today’s era of investment opportunities that use cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology for immediate transactions, Anterius is able to offer investors a profit of 4% per day. The company’s activities are focused on fast purchase and sale transactions, as well as arbitration through cryptocurrencies. The developed methods, as well as numerous verified trading signals that they receive several times a day, allow to guarantee the promised profits. The investment plan provides for a 4% daily profit on the deposit. With each deposit you can make profit for 50 natural days, your main deposit can be withdrawn at any time after 24 hours.


Company Name: Registered UK Company – ANTERIUS LDT.
Company Registration Number: 12431582
Launched On 02-February-2020
Registered Office Address: 1 Harrow Place, London E17DB
CEO & Founder: Lester Rich


The project includes an ” Anterius Plan” investment plan with a yield of 4% per day. For example, we invest $ 200 and every day we receive $ 8 for 50 days. There is the possibility of an early withdrawal of the contributing body. The minimum deposit amount is $ 10. Going through the tie after 25 days. Net profit is 200%.


1$ for deposits of any amount (for deposits of any amount (registration as a Digitalgain Channel member is required as well as being our referrals in the project))

Referral Program:

There are 2 levels: 5% 1%

Features & security:

HOSTING: Ddos-guard Corp.
IP ADDRESS: (1) hyip
CREATION DATE : January 22, 2020 REGISTERED FOR: 1 year
SSL: Sectigo Limited


SIMILAR DESIGN: unique design


24/7 SUPPORT – Contact form – Email


Min. withdraw: 3$


You can open a deposit in dollars via Perfect Money and Pateer and crypto currency. The minimum investment in Anteriusis $ 10 (0.001 BTC). There are no commissions for inputs and outputs in the project. Withdrawal requests are accepted for requests of $3 (0.001 BTC). Profit will be withdrawn within some hours.


Green Flags: 14/18
Red Flags: 0/3

Synthetics evaluation:

good – 4 stars


Affiliation link: ANTERIUS
Detailed information on Digitalgain monitor
Dynamics of deposits: Investorsstartpage
Detailed statistics and technical analysis: Hyiplogs


Anterius adopts a rather simple and linear site style, for this reason it should be easy to use even by newbies, let’s see the main features together.
As said before, there is only one investment plan, and this too is an element that makes it easy to invest in this project.

On the home page you can find the video, professionally made, as well as some news about the company, for example the certificate of incorporation, and its CEO, Mr. Lester Rich

An interesting section of HP is that of the box where the profit calculator resides, with which you can try to simulate a potential investment by displaying the potential profit.

In this same section you can see all the payment processors and cryptocurrencies accepted by the platform

The registration procedure is immediate, there is the classic anti-bot control and the required data are essential. Once you have entered the required data, you will receive an email confirming the registration and you can start investing after entering with your Login and Password

Once you enter as a registered user, the dashboard shows some boxes with which you can interact with the essential elements of the script: in the upper left corner we see the box that contains the investor’s information, with the possibility of setting a 2FA authentication. The green “settings” button allows you to configure your payment processors and to change some elements, such as your password.

The box on the right at the top contains the basic financial information of your account, the balance, the total of active deposits and what you have so far withdrawn as interest

With your referral link you can obtain a double benefit: firstly contribute to the success and duration of the initiative by inviting new friends and investors; secondly increase your earnings with a 5% commission. You can also use this link in blogs, forums or add it to a list of recipients via email.

To make your proposal as a sponsor more effective you can access the Banner section and choose an animated GIF from those available. They are truly professional and effective.

The application to make a deposit is easy to use: you can choose the processor from the drop-down list and type the amount you intend to invest. Remember the minimum investable: $ 10 or equivalent in crypto

The procedure for the collection of accrued interest is also immediate: you see how much you have available and order the corresponding withdraw. accrued interest may also be re-invested

the historical section summarizes all the accounting events

This section is important because it is the one that allows you to release all or part of the deposit before the set time limit. Remember that a 10% fee is applied for early withdrawal


In general, Anterius represents a well-prepared investment platform with up-to-date and functioning marketing, the administration is professional, certainly not the first initiative of this kind. We recommend testing with reasonable amounts. Our project partners are given a bonus in addition to the RCB. Check out all the benefits in the HYIP section.
Our deposit is $ 100.

Constructive criticism

The minimal withdraw limit is quite hight.

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