Hyip Strategy

Hyip Strategy

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Here are ours guide lines to invest in HYIPs projects with good earnings prospects

Obviously each one with his money is free to do what he wants, but having to deal with HYIPs requires strategy, discipline and know how to handle emotionally.


Golden Rule 1- invest only what you can afford to lose and leaves intact the family budget!
Golden Rule 2- do training: if you have no experience try to follow some programs by signing  few money or even in “virtual mode”, do not rush, the programs there are always new ones!


Basic or even common sense, but it is better start from here:

Basic Rule 1: If you want safe investments and low-risk investment strategy changed, forget the HYIPs, you go from your bank or the post office;

basic rule 2: programs to NOT subscribe:

  • too high ROI means short or nothing duration;
  • Avoid programs based on hours plans (with some exceptions).

Look carefully at the site that hosts the program: do you think it has a bad design? It has been made avoiding investment in graphic, original functionality and safety devices? Well, that is bad, it can only mean that the project is cheap, so the administrator has the only purpose to running away after the first deposits. A little trick, download some pictures posted on the website and make some zoom in. Do you see the designer’s logo in the center or at the bottom? It is a sign that testifies to the admin very little ability to engage in investment, that is, that has a very low budget, the removal of the watermark, in fact, is usually fairly inexpensive;

Basic Rule 3: inquire: at sites like ours or in moderated forums, try to figure out if the program is credible. If you have any programs that you want to know more, tell us and we will help you choose;

basic rule 4: The HYIP’S monitors, with some exceptions, are not reliable. Sometimes they are funded by the Admin, who continue to pay them when the program stops paying the rest of investors. Another thing that often happens is that certain HYIP live blackmailing the admin of a HYIP, blackmail consists in bringing judgments or malicious reports of missed payments, only to induce admin to pay and not be seen to compromise the outcome of the program.

Other methods to understand the reliability of a program are:

  1. If there is a phone tries to call and see who answers;
  2. Test to see if the support responds to an email (avoid those with support email account on Gmail or similar);
  3. if you have skills, check where the server physically and if hosts other programs.

There are also a wide range of evidence that in more or less evident way make us understand more about a program, we will discover them in time

Here are some rules to follow when you decide to invest:

Rule for investment 1: invest small sums in a single program, one thing to keep in mind, in fact, is that if the admin quickly reaches important figures will have a strong urge to close the program and run away with the cash.

Rule for the investment 2: Diversified investment in more projects, this method understandably can only reduce the risk of substantial losses;

Rule for the investment 3: Check if the program accepts payments through STP or Payza, it’s 2 payment systems able to stop transfers if they receive reports of scam. Payza and STP, then, do not easily grant their platform but perform the checks. The fact that the site runs STP, Payza or both is not a guarantee but still makes much more reliable design;

Rule for the investment 4: Participate only for the first cycle, there are only a few programs that are able to cover multiple revenue cycles. If you get to 30 days and the program will unlock the investment, withdraws the funds and search for another equally good,. Often, we tend to trust a program that has always paid regularly and almost sorry to leave, but know that any HYIP is eternal and with a high probability the reinvestment will make you lose your capital.

Ok, now you know what you are talking about, if you have decided to try some investment, there is the problem of “how much” to invest. We have already:


Do not invest large sums (to avoid the untimely death of the program)

Remember that even the most informed blogger knows for sure what will happen to a program tomorrow. This is known only the admin (and maybe even he)

But then what’s a right investment? Almost all programs accept investments starting from 10 or 20 dollars, if I’m doing ok training, but you cannot expect magic with such modest sums.

So … not too much and not too few, but how much I’m going to invest in a single program?

For our experience to have discrete probability of success you must have a portfolio with 10 to 20 active programs, different types (see the classification of HYIP below). Depending on the degree of confidence on each, we can invest from 50 to $ 150.

When first cycles end, you have to close and place money elsewhere. If a program stops paying, you must put it in the bill. If you have not the ROI back, at least you will more experience accumulated.