DigitalGain Crypto Farm v3

After we release the version 2 of our Crypto Farm adding minor improvements, we are ready to announce the version 3 will be available from 2021-07-12 12:00:00 UTC.

The official telegram group is available:

Introducing SHARE token supply 

The SHARE token is actually the way we use to distribute the crypto currencies our automated trading system accumulates; every SHARE holders receive a “piece” of every accumulation based on the number of SHARE owned in the DigitalGain wallet.

After this update:

  • 10% of every accumulation will be distributed to ALL DigitalGain users (no SHARE token needed)
  • 80% of every accumulation will be distributed to SHARE holders
  • 10% of every accumulation will be distributed to DigitalGain as service fee
  • SHARE token max supply will be set to 10,000,000,000
  • SHARE token total and circulating supply

SHARE holders are now more important than ever in our ecosystem because they provide liquidity directly to our trading system. 

Deflactioning SHARE token

In order to maintain equilibrium inside the system, we actually burn the 20% of every accumulation in SHARE equivalent from holders wallets.

After this update we apply a 50% of SHARE equivalent as fee on every accumulation:

  • 50% will be burned, decrementing the circulating supply
  • 50% go to custody, decrementing the circulating supply

Burning the 50% means you will get your initial investment doubled before your SHARE will be 0. The remaining 50% is locked until we decide to start another funding round.

Linear SHARE price increment

The actual price of 1 SHARE token is $0.0001 but, after the update:

  • after every SHARE buy, price increase linear until $0.0002

To increase the price we will use the following formula: 

price = start_price + ((end_price - start_price)/100*(total_supply*100/max_supply))


  • start_price: $0.00010
  • end_price: $0.00020
  • total_supply: the number of SHARE supplied
  • max_supply: the max supplied amount of SHARE 

Referral system update

At the time we’re writing, our referral system rewards users with a 10% SHARE bonus when their bottom-line purchase SHARE token.

After the release of this update a referral receive, from their bottom-line:

  • 15% of every crypto accumulation

What’s next

Grab your SHARE token before the price starts increment and share your referral link to accumulate crypto currencies and do not forget to join the official telegram group to stay always up to date.