DigitalGain Crypto Farm v2

Few months ago we started the Crypto Accumulators Community Pool, a crypto enthusiasts network where we distribute crypto currency for free. We only choose coins with a serious project behind avoiding scams and shitcoins.

To achieve this goal we are developing and maintaining an automated trading robot able to accumulate crypto and to increase their trading liquidity using compound interest: this means the PINGPONG-bot can run lifetime and increase itself exponentially.

We call the completion of accumulation phase: “PING PONG”

The version 2 of our Crypto Farm introduce these improvements:

  • Decrease the price of SHARE to 0.0001 USD
  • SHARE burn after every accumulation
  • Live Backtest

Decrease the price of SHARE

A SHARE is the digital token used to distribute crypto currencies accumulations through our users and the amount a user receives depends on how many SHARE owns.

We decided to reduce the price of 1 SHARE to 0.0001 USD in order to favour the adoption and maintain a decent SHARE supply; if you bought a SHARE token before the v2 update, you will receive x10000 more SHARE token.

4.000000001 USD


0.0001 USD

SHARE Burn after every accumulation

We use this formula to calculate the distributions: UA = A/CSP*US where

  • UA = user expected accumulation (always in crypto, like BTC, ETH…)
  • A = crypto accumulation to distribute through all SHARE owners
  • CSP = SHARE pool for the crypto we want to distribute
  • US = user’s SHARE owned

Before increasing the user’s wallet we burn 20% of UA from the user’s SHARE, in order to maintain a control over the total SHARE supply.

The following is the formula we use to calculate the SHARE burns: SB = (UA * CP * 0.2)/SP where:

  • SB = SHARE to burn
  • UA: user expected accumulation
  • CP: accumulated crypto market price
  • SP: SHARE price

We now simulate an accumulation using the previous formulas:






Simplifying the previous example, if you have 100 SHARE and the SHARE’s price is 0.0001, before we burn all of your SHARE we distribute to you at least 4x times in crypto.

Live Backtest

We are running a live backtest using another instance of our PINGPONG-bot to show you the potential growth of our Crypto Farm.

December 31, 2019
backtest started

running days

expected farm apy

start trading liquidity

total trading liquidity

total crypto accumulated