HYIP’s Investments are very risky, but with a good strategy, they can offer interesting earnings. There are no programs with safe return, but you can evaluate some characteristics that show whether the administrator’s financial budget is poor or consistent.

What you read below represents the preliminary analysis that we apply before deciding whether or not to include a project in our listing. More complex analyzes take place on finance and trends, but this represents our specific know-how.

To understand if a HYIP program is promising or poor, count the “green flags”:

  1. Positive trends of popularity and investments (1)
  2. Principal back anytime
  3. Principal included in interests return
  4. Unique and running perfectly script
  5. At least three payment processors
  6. STP / Payza e-wallet
  7. Unique design
  8. Companies House registration
  9. Companies House registration outside the UK
  10. Active social channels with realistic “like”
  11. Extended SSL certificate
  12. DDoS Protection
  13. No “Phantom Riches” tactics (2)
  14. No “Scarcity” tactics (3)
  15. No “Guaranteed Return” (4)
  16. No too “High Return” (5)
  17. Website Registration Details (6)
  18. Correct grammar on Website (7)

Under 6 Green Flag = better Skip

There are also “red flags” that you need to take into consideration:

  1. Pre-launch projects
  2. Administrators who send emails with promotions and VIP programs
  3. Use of a site design previously seen

we recommend avoiding projects with red flags

(1) Try to answer to the question “it is growing or decreasing?” through various sources such as forums, Alexa Rank, Investments from monitors and Community etc.

(2) The tactics most commonly used by the scammers is that of “Phantom Wealth”. They announce “big profits” trying to get you to stop thinking logically.

(3) We have to be wary if an admin creates a false sense of urgency with statements such as “last chance” or “only a few available”.

(4) Every investment involves some risk, those who promise guarantees mind knowing lie.

(5) Like investment guarantees, yields too high to be considered very risky.

(6) HYIP programs rarely have a domain registered for a period exceeding one year.

(7) Low budget HYIPS often have limited English proficiency.