HYIP monitoring: what's and how to use

When we talk about monitoring, we mean observation and collection of statistics.

The purpose of monitoring HYIP projects is to provide investors with appropriate and independent information.

This information concerns: services, programs and interests, participation conditions, bonuses and promotions, detailed reviews;

Thanks to the high-quality monitoring that you find in Digitalgain you have available information packages that makes you aware of the investment proposal in a couple of minutes

  1. HYIP monitoring of the Digitalgain channel differs from most other sites that offer a similar service:
  2. we only choose projects with a high-quality rating. the rating is assigned by means of objective and rigorous criteria that concern: originality, overall quality, sustainability of payment plans, site creation, investments in advertising, investment trend. Then there are some “red flags” such as obsessive promotion through email, the existence of “crazy” payment plans and much more
  3. we do not sell listing services to administrators, if someone offers us their program, we carefully examine it before adding it to our listing. If this does not meet certain criteria, we simply refuse
  4. we return 100% commission profit (RCB)
  5. we recognize bonuses, promotions and insurances to our registered users who invest through us

If you want to protect yourself from a variety of risks by participating in different HYIPs, you must become a regular visitor to our channel and you will always have updated information together with the most advantageous investment participation proposals