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FreeBitco.In is one of the most trusted and popular Bitcoin Earning Platform.
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100% Referral Cashback

Sign up on FreeBitco.In Website using our referral link and every week we will return you 100% referral cashback generated by your activity. This feature is integrated into and ensure you receive BTC every week into your wallet.

Referrals Commission Paid Next Cashback
80 0.00074899 BTC / 12.6542 USDT
Earn BTC While You Sleep

The Earn BTC feature allows users to receive daily interest on their FreeBitco.In account balance. Once you reach a balance of 30,000 satoshi (0.0003 BTC), they will automatically pay you interests.

Sign up on FreeBitco.In Website using our referral link and increment your base ROI up to 5.12%.

Minimum balance Base ROI As DigitalGain referral
0.00030000 BTC 4.08% up to 5.12%
Automate Your Rolls

The FREEBITCO-bot is a free script that automates roll numbers on the FreeBitco.In Website. The FREEBITCO-bot runs on a NodeJS environment, you must install it to run the script.

Buy at least 2500 Fun tokens on to remove the captcha and use the bot.

Download From GitHub

Rolling Statistics

The table below report the statistics about our running FreeBitco-bot instance.
Compound starts when your balance is at least 30,000 Bitcoin satoshi.

Running Days Balance Roll Bonus Compound
677 0.00185553 BTC / 31.3493 USDT