NuVoo Mining is one of the most popular crypto currency mining services. The company is registered in Cyprus with the name of NuVoo TM or G.O. Great Offers Direct Ltd and is headquartered in Quebec, Canada.
This is a legitimate cloud-based service that offers optimal solutions for both novice and professional users.
The company’s website has a customer support service available in English and French.
The registration application requires the following data: language (English or French), name, surname, country and city and your e-mail address. In addition, you can, but is not required, a telephone and the name of the company if you are a legal company.
There is the possibility to register using Facebook or Twitter accounts.
After registration, you deposit using a bank transfer. At this point it is possible to choose how much to invest and the duration.


Withdrawals of funds can be made when the minimum amount is reached, 0.002 BTC – withdrawals can be requested on Visa / Mastercard or on the Bitcoin wallet.

Available Contracts

There are various combinations based on the duration and the mining capacity (hashrate) that you intend to purchase.
As an example:
A one time payment contract of 20 months for 1 TH/s has a price of 54.00$. This is the declared profitability:

Mined/day 0.00001822 BTC
Mined/week 0.0001276 BTC
Mined/month 0.0005467 BTC
Mined/year 0.006651 BTC

About NuVoo mining

Purchase Options: Bank Transfer
Supported Crypto: Bitcoin