Earn Bitcoins with HoneyMiner  by making your PC work

If you are also constantly looking for earnings in cryptocurrency, here is an excellent opportunity to extract numerous cryptocurrencies and earn passive income in Bitcoin.

To make the HoneyMiner  mining software work, you only need your PC and you will not even notice that it is producing crypto currencies, just keep it on and connected to the Internet and you can continue to use it safely for your profession or for entertainment.

If you continue reading this article, you will learn everything you need to know about this new mining software and find out how much money you can earn with it.

What is HoneyMiner ?

HoneyMiner  has been developed by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and security experts with the aim of allowing anyone to take part in the blockchain revolution using their own personal computer. HoneyMiner  is a recognized company based in Hoboken, New Jersey.

HoneyMiner  is an easy-to-use plug-and-play mining software that allows anyone with a computer to start their own mining business. By pooling your CPU and GPU power, HoneyMiner  will extract the most profitable coins and tokens at all times and then automatically convert them to bitcoins to make it easier to cash in on what you have earned.

As it is easy to understand, your earnings will depend on the power of your graphics processing unit (GPU) and on the general conditions of the cryptocurrency market. This means that with multiple graphics cards, you could earn more than one graphics card only.

Installation and startup of HoneyMiner

When you download the software using this link you will see that 1,000 Satoshi will be assigned to you without doing anything, it is not a large sum but it is a nice welcome message!

HomeyMiner installation

How to get started with HoneyMiner

To get started with HoneyMiner , download the software from the company’s website and install the configuration on your computer. Once the software is installed on your PC, create an account by simply entering your email address and password.

HoneyMiner download

The first window you see when you press the “Start” button is intuitive and easy to understand. Features you’ll notice at first glance include the Honeymeter, an on / off switch, a balance and credit option, and a place where you can check your current activity.

By default, HoneyMiner  doesn’t start using CPU / GPU power for mine until you decide you’re ready. That’s why the software has an on and off switch, which makes it flexible and convenient to use. In addition, HoneyMiner  offers users a reward in satoshi for new users.

HoneyMiner welcome

Mining with HoneyMiner

When you are ready to start mining, turn on the switch. Mining on HoneyMiner  starts from the first level and your progress to the next level will be visible on the Honeymeter. To view active CPUs and GPUs, click on the complete activity tab in the HoneyMiner  window. The activity panel indicates the number of active CPUs and GPUs as well as the coins extracted.

HoneyMiner Bonus

On the settings option, you can choose to earn when the computer is idle or when the application starts. In addition, you can decide to run GPU and CPU mining simultaneously.

HoneyMiner settings

Below the settings window, there is a tab called expert logs where you can view what happened immediately after starting the mining process. For example, HoneyMiner  software may show that he downloaded a ZCash miner immediately after the mining process started.

Linux miners can access private network demand via HoneyMiner  Max and benefit from higher payments. To use HoneyMiner  Max, an account is not required. The upcoming HoneyMiner  Pro will have additional features that could improve the mining process and make it more profitable.


HoneyMiner  is designed to protect miners’ accounts through the use of two-factor authentication, while digital assets are stored in cold storage to protect them from online threats.

In addition, HoneyMiner ‘s internal security experts compile and check every line of code on the software to ensure that the malicious code is not distributed. The company also makes sure that the information that passes through its servers is anonymous and encrypted.

Strengths and points to improve of HoneyMiner


  • Simple and intuitive software
  • Starting to mine is really easy
  • It is free (not open-source). HoneyMiner  holds a share of the mining earnings on the network to support business
  • Supports CPU and GPU mining
  • You can mine many cryptocurrencies. The software determines which currency is the most profitable to extract at the moment based on your computer specifications and the difficulty of each blockchain.
  • You earn bonuses as you progress through the levels

Let’s see where it could be improved:

  • The software slows down (little) your computer
  • Electricity consumption could increase due to the need for cooling

How much money can you earn with HoneyMiner ?

According to the company’s website, computers with powerful graphics cards can earn one to three dollars a day. A standard desktop computer without additional GPUs for mining, however, will only earn a few cents a day.

We tested honeymining on a 10 years old desktops and this was able to earn around 300 satoshi for a day of mining. If you want to make more profit, you will need to purchase additional mining resources.

earn with HoneyMiner

To purchase mining capacity, honeymining accepts Bitcoin payments

Final thoughts

Our consideration, however, goes beyond pure profit, if your main motivation is to know mining, the HoneyMiner  mining software is an excellent tool to get started.

If you want to download HoneyMiner  and start mining at home, you can download the software using this  link and you will earn your firsts 1,000 Satoshi.

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