BTC contracts available again on Hashing24

Today (January 25, 2021) there is an important news: BTC mining contracts available again on Hashing24.

Hashing24, after a long period of time in which it has run out of mining contracts, today offers new and really interesting BTC mining contracts available on Hashing24.


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Hashing24 is a cloud mining service exclusively dedicated to Bitcoin. The company has been operating since 2016, but the team behind the project has been operating in the cryptocurrency market since 2012. To date.

Its data centers are located in Georgia and Iceland and is an official partner of the Bitfury Group, the leading blockchain technology company. Bitfury Group develops the software and hardware solutions necessary to safely move Bitcoin through the blockchain.

Hashing24 positions itself on the cryptocurrency market as a simple and convenient service for those who wish to invest in Bitcoin mining without worrying about expensive equipment and management costs.

Hashing24 allows everyone to start mining Bitcoin without specific skills, just buy mining power and start earning the best known and most expensive cryptocurrency without unnecessary difficulties.


The Hashing24 demo allows you to test the functionality of cryptocurrency mining services without making any deposits. You can set the parameters and start simulating mining.

Out of stock

The At the time of writing this review, all of Hashung24’s mining capability has been sold, so it is not possible to directly purchase hash power. However, it is possible to buy and sell mining contracts in the Trade Desk where hash trading is possible in real time.

Available Contracts

To sign an investment plan you can use Bitcoin, credit card, OK PAY or bank transfer. Hashing24 provides customers with income based on the power ordered. The cost of the cheapest contract is around $ 20 per 100 GH / S. Note, GH / S is the hash power to get Bitcoin. The more hash power, the more virtual money you will earn per day. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC without any commission. Therefore, the more you deposit, the more often you will be able to withdraw the Bitcoins earned on your wallet.

In addition to paying the rent, customers will have to contribute to the maintenance of the hardware and the cost of electricity.

Unlike other cloud mining services, Hashing24 offers unlimited contracts to invest in. This is an excellent offer for buying a cryptocurrency.

The return on investment of Hashing24 is on average around 150% per year, but it is constantly evolving due to the growing complexity of Bitcoin mining.


About Hashing24

Purchase Options: Bank Transfer, Bitcoin
Supported Crypto: Bitcoin