Horoscope 2020

Horoscope 2020

“Bitcoin, Altcoin and investments. Forecasts sign by sign”

Forecasts sign by sign for the year 2020, we tell you what will happen in 2020, the lucky and less fortunate signs, and a forecast on the world situation

General situation

Surely in 2020 we have strong planets from the point of view of politics, but also quite restrictive there is a conjunction that does not repeat itself if not in another twenty years and is that of Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Capricorn.

This clearly means that those who have power will always want more power and therefore there will be greater difference between the social classes. This will create a discontent that can no longer be quelled by people who are not doing well. This process will last all 2020, in the end we will have a ‘revolution’, not at war level, but a revolution of thought. Things will change in a definitely positive way, but there will be a fairly complex period between spring and next summer, in which sudden changes are favored to try to fix important social issues.

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Positive aspects: Fierce, energetic, passionate, brave, curios
Negative aspects: Impulsive, stubborn, arrogant, selfish, egocentric

With Saturn alternating between Capricorn and Aquarius it will be important to focus on the reality of the facts, avoiding investments that do not offer much certainty of continuity. It will be better to invest in solid projects without being fascinated by too tempting proposals.

From spring onwards, you will be so in search of new stimuli that you will be able to welcome every type of change with real enthusiasm and a little unconsciousness. This will make your fortune.

Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

Positive aspects: Loyal, persistent, independent, reliable, practical
Negatives: Stubborn, lazy, hedonistic, possessive, greedy

Get ready for an individual company or in any case to carry out a project that already took shape in 2019. By spring, a change in economic resources could destabilize you for a moment. However, you will soon find that from possible changes

the best opportunities will come, those of your sweetest dreams. Be careful, however, with whom you will be dealing: partners, collaborators, leaders etc. You will need certainties, stability. At the end of the year you will have to face an unexpected expense for the home or for a family member. Try to get there with a full wallet.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Positive aspects: Enthusiastic, dynamic, versatile, smart, witty
Negatives: Superficial, indecisive, anxious, unreliable, nosy

It will be nice to see that the efforts started already in the days of Saturn against, will be able to lead to a clear turning point in 2020. Favor all creative and trade-related investments. Between March and July there will be an increase in your business and you will be facilitated to make agreements and thus expand all your economic interests. A hobby could turn into a profitable business. Aim high: by doing so you will no longer fear any feeling of regret.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Positive aspects: Emotional, sympathetic, creative, intuitive, generous
Negatives: Moody, manipulative, suspicious, overemotional, unpredictable

Jupiter requires caution in investments, forcing you for a while to put aside personal goals and creativity. You will invest, of course, but in most cases, they will be projects in which you will no longer believe much but which will be functional at an economic level to meet your needs. The changes will occur from mid-April onwards, especially if you belong to the first decade. New interesting proposals are coming that over time will bring you positive results. Once again, I recommend that you do not lose faith in your abilities. You are worth a lot, and in 2020 you will know thanks to your strength, you can also show it to others.

Lion (July 23 – August 23)

Pros: Bold, courageous, straightforward, optimistic, kind
Negatives: Arrogant, impatient, self-centered, lazy, egoistic

2020 wants you ready to welcome a challenge on the investment side. If you have recently changed types of economic development or if you have preferred to engage in projects that you like but which do not economically make you expect, here in the months between February and May you will come to a choice. Beautiful determination and the desire to excel in your business. Anyone who has hindered you, will inevitably have to leave you more space: you will in fact be very determined, I dare say unstoppable. By November, however, close a negotiation and better define your choices, especially if you invest by profession. If, on the other hand, you are looking for additional income, work during the summer. You could get a very profitable increase.

Virgo (August 24 – September 22)

Positive aspects: Hardworking, sensitive, faithful, sweet, observant
Negatives: Critical, perfectionist, self-destructive, self-pitying, preachy

You always want to get the most out of yourself. 2020 speaks a lot about digital money and new skills that will give you more prestige and opportunities for action. Usually you don’t like risky activities: when you move you always do it because you have well calculated all the pros and cons. Yet in the course of the new year you could just throw yourself headlong into a new project or invest with someone. The watchwords will be perseverance and trusted people by your side. From March to July, beware of excessive expenses and taxes: you may run into unpleasant surprises regarding the checking account. Nice autumn to reap the benefits of your summer investment. The tangible results will be right before your eyes. Allow yourself to be satisfied.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Positive aspects: Charming, balanced, idealistic, easy-going, peaceful
Negatives: Detached, self-indulgent, superficial, naïve, vain

What you have been doing for some time may begin to hold you tight over the new year. The investment trend remains a little that of too much sacrifice not functional, however, to economic improvement. Here then, at the beginning of 2020, you may be somewhat exasperated and nervous. There will be considerable possibilities to question the initiatives that have not made you, or to choose different types of where to invest, if you are a professional investor. During the spring, worries should give you a break. Venus and Saturn in excellent appearance will help you give greater importance to your activities, widening the range of new possibilities. Attention only in summer and in November: try to stay away from legal quarrels. Looking for a possible compromise will be essential.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22)

Positive aspects: Ambitious, brave, fierce, magnetic, protective
Negatives: Suspicious, competitive, unforgiving, jealous, resentful

Strong year, with great combativeness 2020. If you have suffered a setback in investments, with a change in strategy you may find that the change will be positive. Of course, with Saturn’s balance between March and July, it would be advisable to plan all deposits, especially long-term ones. Possibility of sudden changes or new opportunities during the summer. If you manage to be flexible and not get too stuck in matters of pride, filling your wallet can be tiring but still satisfying. By the end of the year I recommend that you take a regenerating break. You will need a new lifestyle that also requires extra time to devote to your freedom.

Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)

Positive aspects: Idealistic, witty, generous, intellectual, positive
Negatives: Tactless, superficial, over-confident, impatient, superficial

What did you get back in 2019? If the answer is a series of investments that you really care about or the fact that you can take new initiatives, during 2020 you will have to be ready to defend your position and the financial capital that you have earned with your nails and teeth. Of course, it is not that all Sagittarius have necessarily found a new profession, but it is true that if you have a lot of astrological values ??in this zodiac sign, it is unlikely that you have not made substantial changes in the development of finance. During the new year I recommend you to dare, but by measuring your energy well, at least until June. In fact, the first six months will be the most demanding ones in which you will take measures perhaps because you will be tired of investing in unsuitable projects. Summer but even more the autumn of new contacts and knowledge that will bring you luck. Jupiter and Saturn will begin an excellent transit for you in Aquarius. Pack your bags you will move a lot to do your job.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

Positive aspects: Ambitious, practical, disciplined, realistic, sensitive
Negatives: Pessimistic, shy, self-centered, moody, detached

Jupiter in your sign together with Saturn and Pluto will cheer you so that you can take full command of your financial activity. Even if you are not a professional investor, 2020 will still facilitate all personal initiatives and economic income. Password and very clear ideas therefore. By the end of the summer, try in any way to settle any outstanding debts or otherwise keep plan “b” ready in case you want to undertake something different. Mars squaring for more than six months could in fact make your investment plan insidious, exacerbating relationships with any partners who are not careful to enhance and understand your qualities. Do not worry: you will immediately know how to fix it. In the autumn, a financial project will take off even more. By the end of the year you will close really important initiatives. This will be the future you’ve always wanted.

Aquarius (January 21 / February 19)

Positive aspects: Humanitarian, original, assertive, independent, easy-going
Negatives: Extremist, aloof, unpredictable, stubborn, impatient

Saturn in 2020 will take your place, giving you a two-year period of continuity and well-deserved financial stability. Of course, you will always have to be careful as usual, and not get caught by the idea that sometimes you have to take everything apart. Dissatisfaction as well as the dispersion of energies should be words to leave for your sake. In the spring until the end of July, the support of the planets can be very important to help you in an individual financial project. In short, the job will be better to the extent that you will have the means and the means to put your face into it. In the autumn and after the end of the year, the best times are also to solve any family economic problems. You will be facilitated in victory and even luckier. But you’ll have to believe it.

Pisces (February 20 – March 20)

Positive aspects: Creative, adaptive, idealistic, sociable, romantic
Negatives: Escapist, weak-willed, lazy, pessimistic, delusional

You are able to anticipate the times of being therefore a visionary in your investments. This characteristic, however, instead of favoring you, has somewhat isolated you. Here therefore that between January and February you will have to put all your effort to get out of a rather tangled situation that you may have already been dragging from 2019. Expected updates in your portfolio or changes in the type of investment between April and July that in your case however, they will prove very lucky. Interesting summer for finances. If you want to carry out a project or a challenge on a practical level you should find valid allies with which to achieve your goals from August to November. Busy year end but only for all the old issues. On the other hand, the new one will not create problems for you, on the contrary you could just receive an attractive investment proposal.

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