Covid Token, when a crypto currency is created to speculate on death

Covid Token, when a crypto currency is created to speculate on death

We report and invite everyone to boycott an initiative that seems hateful to us.

There are people who, in these hard and sad times for many, try to speculate on the illness and death of many people.

Unscrupulous individuals have indeed created a virtual currency based on the principle that investors would earn on the number of deaths caused by the coronavirus worldwide.

it’s all online, on a website that promotes high earnings by investing in Covid Tokens.

In many parts of the world this site has all been seized and made inaccessible. But in many countries around the world it is still accessible.
The site has the server in the United States and promises that part of the earnings (20 percent of the investment) would be reinvested to finance the Red Cross for initiatives to contain the infection. This is a further lie, only a way to balance the ethically criticizable approach of cryptocurrency and to remove any hesitation from investors.

The proposed mechanism is as simple as macabre: each cryptocurrency corresponded to a person, and starting from a world population of seven and a half billion people, as many coins are issued. The principle behind it all is that the more people die as a result of Covid-19 infection, the more the number of virtual coins in circulation decreases, and consequently their value increases.

The site can be reached from the internet address No e-mail box is indicated or other visible address. This summer an almost identical site,, had already been obscured, however, it was bypassed with the opening of the second site, to which only the name was changed, but not the substance.