How to earn crypto currencies through the DIGITALGAIN CHANNEL

How to earn crypto currencies through the DIGITALGAIN CHANNEL

Through our channel it is possible to obtain interesting earnings in crypto currency.

Are you a crypto enthusiast? Do you have time to devote to earning online? Well, then sit down and read everything you can do with us, we will certainly not change your lifestyle, but you will certainly have the opportunity to increase your monthly income .. an extra is always convenient and if you are constant and enterprising, maybe you can pay for the trip you’ve always dreamed of!

We have also made a video that briefly explains what you can find in more detail later in this article.

We offer our users many earning possibilities, let’s see in detail:

Earn with our FAUCET

This is micro gain, but it must be remembered that a crypto currency is subject to even significant fluctuations and therefore an amount in crypto that is worth a few cents of a dollar today could be worth 10 or 1000 times more tomorrow.

The DIGITALGAIN FAUCET is located within our site, requires user registration, and you can get up to 500 Satoshi simply in 5 steps, without annoying ADS or opening external programs. Our faucet is connected to the FAUCETPAY platform, this means that the accreditation of the Satoshi earned is immediate.

You also have the opportunity to earn 40% of those who subscribe to our channel using your referral link. A great rewarded opportunity to advertise us to your friends, social channels and forums in which you participate.

Make money with HYIP projects

If you don’t know what HYIPs are, read the dedicated section on our Blog.

Although these are high risk investments, investing using the DIGITALGAIN channel as a platform brings numerous advantages.

On the net there are many monitors and blogs that promote investments on HYIP, if you are looking for a high RCB you can safely rely on an RCB monitor: once you have chosen the project you are interested in, check on ISP what is best for you most (i.e. the one who pays the highest RCB) and uses its referral link.

DIGITALGAIN is not an RCB monitor, we also return 100% of the RCB but do not go further, sometimes we add bonuses but do not double or triple the RCB as others do.

We don’t put any project on our site by getting paid by the administrators, we don’t sell our advertising space to anyone

In our HYIP section you can only find the programs in which we have an active investment or deposit, in other words we use our personal funds for this.

We can assure that each program was selected only after careful consideration. Sometimes we are offered projects but if we do not evaluate them as suitable, we will not include them in the listing.

Analyzing a HYIP project requires a long experience, it is necessary to estimate its potential and financial performance. It is necessary to understand how those behind a certain project have planned their marketing budget and much more.

Being informed, investing first means increasing the chances of success, in fact it is sure that a HYIP project stops paying after a longer or shorter period (days or years).

We inform the subscribers of the channel through emails that describe the characteristics of each project entered, usually this takes place in the 12 hours following the official launch of the program. Exceptions are the “sleeper” projects for which it is appropriate to wait a certain number of weeks before investing.

Another aspect that concerns HYIPs is that we need to diversify and that we need to work with a portfolio of 5-10 active projects to see results.

We plan to set up a pool of investors and to collectively invest in the projects we believe are most promising. To protect this group of investors, we will allocate a percentage of what we collect as advertising. If you are interested, contact us and we will explain better how we intend to act.

Although we have been gaining interest for years with HYIP projects, remember that there is the golden rule: absolutely, do not risk more than you can afford to lose.

Let’s see now how you could put your skills to good use by actively contributing to the life of DIGITALGAIN CHANNEL

Earning crypto as a blogger

Are you a fan of crypto currencies and already writing for a (your) blog? Now you have the opportunity to share your reviews and specialist articles on our blog, you will be indicated as an author with the possibility of inserting direct links.

DGC supports and pays for blog activities, the requirements are that consistency with the topics covered is maintained (Articles, posts and reviews on everything related to crypto, in particular: e-currency, HYIP, ICO, Cloud Mining, Wallet, Trading, Landing, Blockchain Technologies, Micro gain) and that the proposed contents are original.

The compensation for each approved and published article ranges from 10 to 30 US dollars (consideration paid in crypto).

Earning as a web developer and / or web designer

If you are a technical web developer or graphic designer, contact us, you will be able to join our team by receiving comments in crypto currency.

Earning as a translator

We are often asked for translations of reviews and articles, if your primary language is: Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Hindi, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and you are comfortable translating articles from English, contact us and you can be compensated in crypto for every translation you make.

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