Bitcoin: PayPal pushes the historical record

Bitcoin: PayPal pushes the historical record

Although many experts remember the traditional volatility of cryptocurrencies, the euphoria on bitcoin does not seem to have limits.

In a turbulent market characterized by a record of transactions, the crypto currency this morning crossed the threshold of 18 thousand dollars, reaching 18,500i This is the highest level ever reached since 2018. We are now one step away from the absolute maximum of $ 19,041 which dates back to the end of 2017, now three years ago.

However, it is necessary to remember the typical instability of the digital currency, which lost about $ 800 in a minute, dropping to around $ 17,700, and then returned to above 18,000 again, continuing to fluctuate.

According to analysts, there are various reasons behind the rediscovery of the digital currency and the rise in prices in recent times.

The main reason is related to the decision of the online sales platform PayPal announced on October 21, to accept bitcoin as a means of payment.

But in general, the great liquidity that has been created at the international level, also following the measures decided by central banks to face the economic crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, pushes more and more investors to seek alternative, albeit more speculative, assets.