Crypto Accumulators Community Pool

Crypto Accumulators Community Pool

The Crypto Accumulators Community Pool is a new DigitalGain project designed to accumulate using an automated trading system and then distribute them for free to our community.

Accumulating a coin with a good project behind it and a strong community is a good indicator to expect the price to go up and, for this and many other reasons, HOLDING is the best way to get rich in the cryptocurrency market; buying low and selling high is another mantra of cryptocurrency holders.


The PINGPONG-bot is an automated trading software, developed and managed by DigitalGain, created with the aim of accumulating cryptocurrencies.

In the table below you can see the statistics of the PINGPONG-bot

Type Status Market Distribution Bot Started SHARE Pool Last BOT Trade
SHARE Distribution Active, Public - 964055.9286924256 - - -
BTC Accumulation Active, Public BTC/USDT 0.0055086161 2021-03-25 20:35:35 59.844914134801% 2021-10-19 17:02:00
ETH Accumulation Active, Public ETH/USDT 0.0964993493 2021-04-05 21:10:51 6.6462573662647% 2021-10-19 13:37:00
TRX Accumulation Active, Public TRX/USDT 2746.5161957354 2021-04-05 21:10:51 33.508828498934% 2021-10-18 15:20:00

* Status Public = users can accumulate
* Status Private = users can’t accumulate, internal accumulation purposes

You can immediately start using the PINGPONG-bot by logging into your DigitalGain account, a 0.001 SHARE Token bonus is waiting for you


SHARE Token are the tokens that DigitalGain uses to distribute the cryptocurrencies accumulated during the trading activity of the PINGPONG-bot.

SHARE Token can be obtained using the free SHARE Token Faucet or purchased directly from the DigitalGain website, at the price of 1 SHARE = 1 USD.

SHARE Token do NOT expire and this means that as long as the PINGPONG-bot accumulates cryptocurrencies, you will receive your reward on accumulation throughout your life.

At the first access to the PINGPONG-bot, you will receive a 0.001 SHARE bonus to immediately start accumulating the cryptocurrencies that most interest you.

BNB, Insurance & Fees

Most of the PINGPONG-bot’s operation is done using the Binance exchange and the fees are paid with the BNB cryptocurrency; PINGPONG-bot also operates on the BNB/USDT market to accumulate BNB which are used for:

  • pay trading order fees
  • guarantee liquidity to cover extraordinary events

Referral System

To incentivize the use of the Crypto Accumulators Community Pool we have thought of a rewards system that rewards you when your referrals use the PINGPONG-bot

  • 10% SHARE RCB on the purchase of SHARE Tokens

Share the referral link you find in your DigitalGain account with your friends, on social networks and on the forums and immediately start accumulating free cryptocurrencies.